Why We Are Different

We distinguish ourselves from other firms by the blend of services we provide, as well as how we provide them.

We have developed a unique, highly focused, and unusually flexible approach to commercializing new businesses, technologies and products.

Our services are especially useful in extremely uncertain, early-stage projects where:

  • The potential return on investment is not well understood or easy to determine
  • The application of “canned” approaches by high-fee strategy consultants is not yet justified
  • The business opportunity can be applied to several different markets and the ”best, first” application is proving to be elusive

Our approach consists of a combination of venture investment, professional services (advisory services, interim management, and organizational development), and workshops that enable your organization to keep control of the business opportunity while simultaneously improving the chances of success through collaboration.

Want more information about Fusion Ventures?  Email us at info@fusion-ventures.com.