About Fusion


Fusion Ventures is a “Venture Accelerator” 

A Venture Accelerator is an organization which helps companies and inventors successfully take their ideas from concept to market. 

To accomplish this mission, Fusion Ventures has combined a unique blend of individuals, organizations, and resources to not only generate income but do it in a way that reduces upfront risk and enhances agility.

Fusion helps companies and innovators with the following objectives:

  • Develop and implement sound business strategies to insure a successful exit
  • Gain access to operating and growth capital
  • Effectively communicate their ideas and value to others
  • Add management firepower and align the team with the venture’s goals
  • Establish strategic partnerships to help bring ideas to market
  • Make choices that are strategically sound and tactically wise
  • Manage priorities and stay focused

Our firm has accelerated the growth of new businesses from a variety of origins, including:

  • Inventors and Entrepreneurs
  • Early Stage Companies
  • Research Organizations
  • Non-Profits
  • Universities

We encourage you to contact us to discuss how Fusion can help accelerate the growth of your venture.

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