Fusion Research

Fusion has conducted extensive research on a variety of topics related to innovation and new business creation.  Our library of white papers and presentations includes material on the following topics:

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Business Model Improvement
  • Customer-Focused Job Mapping
  • New Business Creation Processes
  • Consortium and Joint Venture Construction
  • Hybrid Investing Techniques

Our current, featured white paper is:

 “Innovating Through Economic Recession”

Whether you are a researcher with the next big innovation, an established business looking for ways to grow your company in uncertain times, or an entrepreneur deciding whether or not to become self employed, the economic recession has complicated today’s decision making.  Buyers are no longer willing to be “overshot” by product manufacturers and service providers.  They look at the cost of a product or service, determine its benefits, and if those benefits surpass their needs, they will pass.  Not because it is a poor product or service but because it is more than they need and they won’t pay extra for functionality they can’t immediately use.  Disruptive innovation may hold the key to success during tough economic times.

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