Venture Investing

Fusion Ventures provides investment resources for promising organizations which address important social needs. 


We provide these services in 3 primary ways:  

Capital Investment Fusion invests seed and growth capital in innovative organizations in exchange for an equity position the venture   

Value-Added InvestmentFusion will occasionally provide Advisory, Interim Executive and other services in exchange for sweat equity in a particular venture or company   

Joint Venture ConstructionFusion has been instrumental in building unique, mutually beneficial joint ventures around promising new businesses and ideas.  These consortiums are frequently comprised of: capital  sources, value-added service providers, channel partners and domain experts.  Through collaboration each member of the joint venture is able to achieve far more, and at a much faster pace, than they would if they were to go it alone.

Our hybrid approach to investing (blending capital and professional services) enables us to partner with promising young socially-minded organizations and innovators that may go overlooked by more traditional investor groups. 


Our philosophy is to be a value-added investor to every company in our portfolio. 

Fusion believes that simply investing money alone would not leverage our greatest strengths as a partner:  Our network of experts and strategic partners.  By investing a combination of equity financing, human capital,  partnerships and leadership, Fusion Ventures is able to grow innovative companies faster and with less cash outlay than more traditional venture firms. 

Please contact us for a copy of our investment thesis.