Fusion Feature: Corporate Entrepreneurship

Fusion Ventures provides corporate entrepreneurship services which help our clients identify and develop innovative new business ideas and smartly bring them market.

Some of our services in this area include:

  • Designing and implementing a proven and “user friendly” new business creation and evaluation processes.
  • Innovation assessment services to help organizations identify the ideas and IP with the best chance of commercial success.
  • Helping our clients develop a well thought out and, immediately rewarding, organizational entrepreneurship strategy.
  • Ensuring that our clients are bringing new products, services and ideas to market in ways that are both timely AND cash flow prudent!
  • Diagnostic services to asses where the gaps in an organizations new business creation process are (and of course, prescribe solutions).
  • Interim management services to help an organization’s new business development function quickly and successfully get up and running (Click here to read about Fusion’s Provisional Executive services)
  • Guiding an organization through how to successfully commercialize its promising IP by leading them through the complete commercialization process: from “ideation” through launch.
  • Workshops and training sessions designed to teach managers the fundamentals of innovation strategy and give them tools they can put to use right away (Click here to read more about Fusion’s Running Start strategic planning program)
  • Additional corporate training programs facilitated by Fusion Ventures partner organizations.

Want more information about Fusion Ventures?  Email us at info@fusion-ventures.com.